Life’s weird

Life’s weird. As weird as all the bus trips you went through in life. We could sit on the same table in the classroom for ages, there you were on your childhood bus. Then later on in life, you saw people get on and get off your bus. You used to saying goodbye, understanding that it’s time to move on. As simple as it may be, you move toward different directions.
Then one day, a random bus that you got on turned out to show up just in time. You got that seat, just in time. You talked to that person from a totally different walk of life, just in time. You were heading to the same destination, just in time. Eventually, you shared the same journey, just in time. Timing is everything. Horrible timing could turn to fumbled opportunities. Fate works in a way you could never explain.

I wrote this more than 3 years ago. Now when I sit here, these words just resonate so much, I mean that every-single-word.

One day you’re sitting in a brand new place, trying to sort out all stuff that you have in mind for so long, and a stranger sits down near you. Sometimes that person stays a stranger. Other times you talk to him or her. Sometimes you experience things you didn’t want to ever happen. You become interested in a person who only belongs to you in your mind. Sometimes it’s getting complicated the way you’ve never expected it to be.

“It’s never something huge that changes everything, but instead the tiniest of details, irrevocably tweaking the balance of the universe while you’re busy focusing on the big picture. That’s also how memories are made, on tiniest details.”

Doesn’t matter if it lasts. It is there for a reason, life is what you made it to be. Time may mean not much than the tick of the clock. You don’t remember the time, but you do remember the moment. A moment. And the moments.

Time is quickly passing by…

Santiagophotosolution- time pass
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