Music: Reboot your writing routine

Writing is a fun process. Consistently writing may not be. Indeed, it’s a lot more painful, pressuring and frustrating especially when you hit the writer’s block. Fortunately, music can help boosting your inspiration, leveraging your concentration, pushing you through the hard time, as long as you reach out to it.

1. Relate your feelings to the song

Every song will take you back to a certain surrounding, scene, event. Relate the feelings of the song to the paragraph you’re writing. Do you smell any odour? Do you feel like putting on your gear and going on the trip?
This method can play great reference role when you’re trying to write a book review, or movie review.

2. Think about the lyrics

What message do the lyrics convey? What story it is telling you? What personal experiences have you shared with the same lyrics? Some lyrics may help you to create a dialogue of your characters.

3. You just got the soundtrack. Now write your story

What characters can you build upon what you have listened to? How would that song frame your script? How would your characters speak, act, behave in such context?

4. Adjust music pace

If you’re writing a fiction with sequence of actions, try switching your song mode to something soothing, sporadic. Or, if you’re writing to describe some ethereal dreamscape, stir up your emotions with confrontational, turbulent music. Notice how it moves you. Write up that stream of spontaneity.

Deliberate practice makes perfect!

1. Play a song, let your imaginations walk you though all the stories, feelings and emotions. Follow the steps above.
2. Write non-stop in 15 mins about what the song has brought to you.

Never mind if you get stuck, just keep writing. Later on, you still have plenty of chances to tweak from where you have started.

Now you’re ready to welcome your muse again!

Don’t forget to leave a comment when you’re done.

Bonus: Here’s the list of words you might want to take a look at.

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