Had a small talk today after an energy-consuming work brainstorming session. I can hardly remember where the topic initially came from, but it eventually led to literature and its influence.

Our conversation went through a few contemporary female writers, and it’s dawned on me that I now no longer love reading what I used to love. I now rarely read Trang Hạ, though I’ve always thought her writing speak a woman’s mind perfectly. I no longer “fly” with a whatsoever touching teenage short stories. My memory has no space for anyone else’s fantastic adventure somewhere.

I wouldn’t say I have no time to browse the articles/stories, well, at least reading is one of my favorite activities, and I’m selecting what I “absorb” carefully. Or am I growing more indifferent? Probably. But thing is, I’m glad I’m getting busier living my life wholeheartedly, instead of day-dreaming and reading on someone’s else adventure. When things go astray, I’m no longer paralyzed by emotions and trapped into inaction. Guess I’m just getting more rationally emotional Lol.

I no longer want to travel through a book, I want to make it right there at the right time. I no longer got locked into the paradox of choices of doing this or doing that, I turn out to do both, and be satisfied with the results, come what may. I no longer want to “know” someone who can make it, I want to “be” that one who can make it.

By that time, I learned the difference between watching someone else’s life, as a by passer, and actually engaging in your own life, as a player, the main player.

That was the time I turned to simplicity. I no longer need that finical words to mask an experience. I’m no longer slogging away at writing a bloated, long-winded 60-page college essay, I’m now writing my life out of a busy and brevity-demanding world.


No more such pernicious “yes but…”, as it sounds like you have the best of intention when you’re really just too scared to do what we should. “It allows us to be cowards, while sounding noble”. Harsh truth, but makes lots of sense

Consume less. And create more. Simplicity counts.




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