Bandhub: Remote music collaboration made easy

Bandhub was founded by Pablo Osinaga and Marcelo Birnbach as a place where anyone who plays an instrument or sing can connect to a community and play music together online. It’s hard to be social around music when you play music at home, which most people do. Bandhub removes the geographic barrier.


To start with, create your profile with link to your Youtube account.  Based on your taste of music, Bandhub suggests the right people for you to follow and the appropriate video to collaborate. You either record straight to the site or you can upload from Youtube. To play the role of a sound engineer, you can mute or adjust the volume of the sounds of other people. Bandhub allows you to record a private draft track, meaning your recording stays private until you decide to submit. Bandhub limits up to 30 music instruments coming together


Learning points:
“ – Why Bandhub’s community is on track to grow from 20,000 to 1,000,000
– The Argentina advantage – How to argue intelligently – to lead create higher levels of performance and avoid being satisfied with a local maxima.

-Why all immigrants are entrepreneurs, by definition.”

  • Any questions on the tech side (your gear, background noise, Mic setup, etc.), feel free to take a look at this Do/Don’t guide.’s-and-don’ts-for-recording-audio-for-bandhub/




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