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Are you curators, writers, experts, advisors, investors, designers, bloggers, playlisters, producers, agents, technologists, entrepreneurs, artists, DJs, etc who actively work with digital media? How challenging is it running across an expert in your field, who actually can afford as little as 3 minutes to watch your videos and give you decent feedbacks, or, even give you recognition?

It’s not always easy to access to experts in the industry, especially when you’re from a foreign country. Technology may diminish the difficulties brought by geographic distance, but the hardness in reaching the right niche people remains the same.

At Fluence, the creative digital experts are on the lookout for cool new media. You can reach them by sending your promotions for advice in a fair and useful way. Fluence is a people-powered peer-to-peer platform that promotes any individual, business, or brand, no matter how big or small.

Fluence is a global marketplace of people who make themselves accessible to receive your promotions. They create a profile specifying their areas of interest and expertise along with a rate for their time and focused attention.



The advanced search is one of the key edge of Fluence. You can browse profiles of people on Fluence who you’re connected to on other social media (Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Soundcloud). Fluence allows you to pick and choose who receives your promotion. When you select people, the cost is based on the rate they set for their time multiplied by the length of your promotion.



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Once you make an order, the people you choose have two weeks to engage with your promotion. After two weeks, you will be refunded for the portion of any promotion that was not listened to, watched, or opened, so you only pay for actual engagement and nothing more. Fluence tracks all the feedback and social sharing with real-time reporting in a central dashboard. You can easily see how your promotion was shared around the web and further connect with the people who liked your promotion.

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