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Friendship and Acquaintanceship

By some coincidence, or out of convenience, casual acquaintances can happen to be all around. You may spend the time with them, but not the moments. You may share the place, but not the space. They may know your facts, but not your story.

Look beyond the fun

I used to think that, if there’s anything that makes me happy, it’s supposed to be, well, fun. Isn’t it? Music is one of my happy makers. I listen, read, analyse, play songs, and arrange music – every single day, in one way or another, with an instrument or another. Then it’s not fun anymore. …

The three teachers in life

Advices – they’re everywhere. There are tsunamis of books being published, blogs being created and courses being offered today. But if so, why still I’m struggling to find my own way to the destination I long for? That idea caught me right away when I was reading about the information fire hyndrant I am absorbing everyday, …

Life’s weird

Then one day, a random bus that you got on turned out to show up just in time. You got that seat, just in time. You talked to that person from a totally different walk of life, just in time. You were heading to the same destination, just in time. Eventually, you shared the same journey, just in time. Timing is everything. Horrible timing could turn to fumbled opportunities. Fate works in a way you could never explain.

Một chút

Mình vẫn luôn nghĩ, không có động lực nào hèn kém hoặc cao sang. Chỉ có động lực đủ mạnh, hoặc không đủ mạnh. Mà gần đây nhất, cái động lực đủ mạnh đối với mình, là đặt một tấm vé máy bay tới đúng ngôi nhà ấy, gặp lại con người đó, xong rồi cảm ơn vậy, vì những khoảnh khắc mình không bao giờ quên được. Mình sẽ lên đường như một người khách bộ hành, với một cái đầu gọn và trái tim nhẹ, và một tương lai vừa xa lạ lại vừa thân quen.