The road

It keeps tickling over and over again. The physical road. Or the one that exists in my head.

It wasn’t that long since the last time I told myself to “settle down”, even for a short while, at least emotionally settle down, until the witty and melancholy wanderlust sweeps over me.Well, you can’t tell for sure why suddenly a music video could speak your heart…

Couldn’t say I’m handy (and also energetic) enough to handle travelling alone all the time. But I know every few weeks, I hear that call from the roads that make me crazily digging on webs after webs to figure out how to get to my next destination.

It takes me a few trips to realize that I don’t want to be a nomadic. I love my colorful and music-friendly room back home so that I couldn’t part with it for so long. But still, I’m working on being financially free on the roads.

As long as I move on, I’m not wandering to “escape from the cubicle” anymore. I’m there for a reason. I’m there for a bigger journey. A journey toward myself.

—- With gratitude—



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  1. Not many wanderers dare to say that they don’t want to be a nomadic. But you make it sound so truthful while simple: traveling the world to discover oneself while enjoying the comeback home.

    Keep traveling on, pay special attention to the people and their stories along the journey! They will contain those pieces you’re looking for, they’ll complete the bigger journey.

    P.S: we need more entries in English like this one ;)

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