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If you don’t want to bring a travel book on your trip (or you have problems reading on the bus as I do), install Izi Travel app (available on Window phone, Android and iOS) and you’re set to walk the street with an audio guide even without internet connection. All you need to do is search for audio guides in your language and download it to your phone.

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Izi.TRAVEL is an open platform that allows everyone to create audio guides for free. In 3 years izi.TRAVEL has more than 2500 audio guides in more than 30 countries.

The content is just informative enough for you to gain an overview of your destinations, and the map comes in handy in assisting me to navigate the road without having to turn on Google Maps on a separate browser. Travel is made easy without a paper map of “popular destinations”. Btw, I tried out Canada but the French accent here turned out to be bit challenging to listen to.

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Using the Free Walking Mode, you can choose single outdoor stories instead of full tours. Select and play each story manually or activate the autoplay function and enjoy a variety of different storytellers.
Last but not least, it’s free to create and to enjoy an audio tour guide!

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