Penang – The introvert getaway

I promised myself that I’d write about it someday. But someday is a tricky word. The randomness that rolls out of my sometimes crazy, sometimes lame, and hopefully sometimes interesting life just keeps drifting far away from my memory. Fortunately, facts could, but feelings can never drift too far :). As an introvert, I can tell how Penang fits my search for a nice/friendly atmosphere to wander around. Penang has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique architecture from the colonial era and myriad blend of culture heritage. A malaysian artist I know, Sheyv’n, recommended me some interesting galleries in her hometown Penang. Though writing down all places, I ended up playing it by ear (Well, as I always do when I don’t seem to want to get overwhelmed in tons of notes. Clumsy me!). Therefore, if you expect to read on typical spots like in Lonely Planet or so, sorry you won’t find it here :), and likely, not anywhere in my other trips, which embrace more or less randomness. Though I couldn’t extend my stay for longer and  the stomach upset kept me from enjoying the food, the trip still left me good memories. 10362766_10152309776513649_7202816730277109153_o

On the shuttle bus

DSC09331 DSC09330 Someday, sitting in the air-conditioned cubicle (Well, it’s actually quite an open space), I remember myself hiding under the tree nearby the beach in Gurney Drive on a Saturday afternoon, trying to finish my assignment with the fitful WiFi, at first wondering what the hell I was doing there. But when everything strikes me as past memories, I feel nothing but happiness. DSC09196


The comfortable mess
Char Koay Teow With Duck egg, 5.00 RM

George Town is the capital of the state of Penang in Malaysia. Named after Britain’s King George III, George Town is located on the north-east corner of Penang Island. If I have to describe Penang on the weekends in  few words, that would be: slow, warm and peaceful. Great escape from Kuala Lumpur heat and crowd!

Somewhere in George Town
The lively Sunday morning, nearby a fair





The coffee shop near by, with stone benches outside
And this anyone-could-tell-lady stays right in the door to female restroom

I didn’t seem lucky enough to discover all murals. Some I didn’t seem to find, and some were blocked by the cars/bikes parking right there.   DSC09295







The cute guesthouses and coffee shops. captured my view. It’s funny how everyone else was taking a rest, and you were “busy” chasing after them. While UNESCO applies rules on the height of new buildings and requirement protecting historic facades, the interiors are more or less flexible. Therefore, lifestyle choices inside are quite various.







Nice promenade, apart from the freaking heat outside =.=


Cute guestroom on the famous Armenian Street
Reggae Penang – Hostel – Kitchen – Bar- Club
The guest houses turn lively at night with full of tourists

DSC09218 Stumble through Han Jiang Ancestral Temple DSC09237

Red lanterns hanging in rows reminds me so much of Hoi An in Vietnam.

DSC09247 Penang Hill was actually nothing special, apart from the crowded train. Seemed like many families came here for the weekend. The view uphill no more than relaxing.



Funicular – a type of train with only one wagon
“People always talk about how much traveling changes you. I think people often forget that no matter how far away you go, you can’t escape yourself. Moving far away doesn’t guarantee a dramatic transformation. If you’re hung up on an ex in Illinois, you’ll be hung up on him in Italy. If you have crippling anxiety in Minnesota, you’ll be anxious in Morocco. If you hate being alone in Georgia, you’ll hate being alone in Germany. Moving abroad will change you, but you can’t expect it to solve your biggest problems. Being alone in a new place forces you to face yourself and your problems head on. Moving abroad isn’t a simple solution for the deeper problems plaguing your mind. Even if you were to move to the moon, you always take yourself with you. As a fortune cookie so insightfully once told me, “No matter where you go, there you are”.”

DSC09426 Though “A picture speaks a thousand words”, I’ve never been (and never wanted to) be the kid that runs around with the camera, chasing the perfect shots and angles. I’d rather emerged myself in the ambience, and enjoy even just people-watching. As I’m not much of a photographer, I rely on my sense to capture the sights, smells, sounds, textures and colors. That’s when writing gets in. Writing (or doodling) with it pure tools: a pen and a notebook helps me to chronicle my trips. DSC09510c DSC09512 Will come back here again if I have a chance, the Chinese restaurant’s owner was very helpful and friendly.

DSC09521 Some random shop I passed by for food.

IMG-20140302-00172 Waiting for the plane in Penang heading back to KL. If you ever leave a place with goodbye music turning on over and over again, and the reason is way far from missing the place itself, then put on this song:




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  1. I do not know my decision that day to add you as a friend that has changed me a lot. I read all the notes that you shared on your page and truthfully, they touched me deeply. Like when you turn a book and you feel as if this book is written only for you. Thank for writing those beautiful words that reflect my world :). I am looking forward to reading new posts soon.

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